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Who Am I Anyway?

About Meg

I’m a native Texan (what’s up H-town?!) living in NYC. I do own cowboy boots, but didn’t buy them until I got to Ithaca College and realized I needed to rep my Tejas roots not only in my heart, but for the entire Ugg-sporting student body to see. No spurs though. I’m not even sure spurs are legal in New York. 

Getting a BFA in Musical Theatre in Ithaca, NY taught me many things, not the least of which is that I slip on ice about three times as much as the average human. Aside from winter hazard preparation, my training at Ithaca primed me to pursue an acting career with gusto, and that’s what I’m doing here in little old New York…and also eating pizza, taking regular strolls through Riverside park, and complaining about the MTA. I haven’t succumbed to every New York trend though—I may be the last 20-something in the 5 boroughs that does not have an online dating profile. 

I see New York as a playground and continually strive to expand my creativity, even if that sometimes means figuring out inventive ways to get rid of mice in my pre-war apartment.