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It's So Nice To Be Back Home Where I Belong

May 4, 2013
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Touring for the better part of the past year with IN THE MOOD was unforgettable. Traveling across these great 48 on a tour bus, doing one-nighters in tiny towns and big cities alike, and sharing the music of the 1940s with the greatest generation and their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids was a humbling and energizing experience. It made me prouder than ever to be an American, where, like Lee Greenwood twangily reminds us, “at least I know I’m free.” That rodeo staple has lost its cheesiness for me now, because while on tour I got to meet veterans every day. These men and women fought for our freedom, and I feel incredibly lucky to have honored their service. There aren’t many WWII vets left, but the ones that came to our show remembered every lyric and trumpet riff as if they had just left a Duke Ellington concert.

All that traveling was both enlightening and exhausting. I’m just delighted to be back in NYC. And summer 2013 is already kiiiilling it!


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